For Sale:

2002 Chevy S-10 LS Extended Cab 2WD 4Cyl 5 Speed

Low Miles, Good On Gas, Great Shape, Perfect Truck for Any Household!

Columbus, OH


Asking - $9,200


Info/Options -

- Chevy S-10 LS Extended Cab       

- 2.2L 4Cyl Engine

- 5 Speed Manual Transmission

- Indigo Blue Metallic

- Power Windows

- Remote Keyless Entry

- Power/Heated Mirrors

- A/C

- Power Steering/Brakes

- 24,700 Miles


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Pictures -

Exterior - 17 Pics

Interior - 4 Pics

Bed - 2 Pics


History -

My wife and I are the original owners of the truck. I had to special order this truck because I couldn't find one that had Power Windows & Keyless Entry. Those are very rare options on a 4cyl, 5 speed S-10. The truck was NEVER smoked in, NEVER Modified, Never had animals in it, and NEVER been in an accident.  I bought it the day it came off the transport. I changed the oil at the 500 mile mark and then again at about the 1,500 mile mark. All the other oil changes have been done every 2,800-3,300 miles. Since the truck has very low miles, it's still in great shape for a 4 year old truck. The over all condition is very good. The reason I don't say great or perfect is because unlike some people, I actually used my truck as a truck. The bed does have scratches as well as 2 scratches/scuffs on the outside of the tailgate. There are a few small spots of where paint has chipped in the bed,  but there is no rust anywhere to be seen. There are also a few SMALL dents in the bed, most people won't even notice them or care. The outside paint is in great/good condition. It has been waxed twice a year and the paint shines like new, the pics show the shine! There are a few very minor nicks on the outside of the truck due to normal wear and tear, nothing out of the ordinary. The interior looks brand new, NO rips, tears or cracks anywhere!   The Tires have about 50% tread left and are in great shape.

The gas mileage is pretty good. Over the past year or so, I have been checking my around town MPG and I have averaged 22-23 MPG. The few times I have taken highway trips, I got around 27-28 MPG. With the high gas prices, this truck is a blessing to have, it doesn't hurt your wallet like a full sized truck would. The S-10 has been a great truck to own. It pretty much drives like a car and believe it or not,  it's great in snow (with the 3 sand bags in back). When traction is an issue, just start off in 2nd gear and your on your way. The ABS works great in wet weather conditions. This truck is mechanically sound, there is nothing wrong with the truck, everything works perfect. Just put gas in it and go. If you don't have the need for a big truck, have a small family and want to save on gas, then this truck is for you.  I feel that we have priced our 2002 S-10 appropriately. Please check out the used car appraiser below.

*Update 2-26-06*    New Front Rotors and Front Brake Pads were installed on 2-25-06 due to warped rotors.

The reason for selling this truck is because my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child and we need a bigger vehicle (Crew Cab) to accommodate our growing family.

If you are interested in this truck please either email or call me at:

614-325-6128     8AM - 7PM & Used Car Appraiser - Click Here        (As of 2-26-06)


Last Updated    2-26-06